Aural cherimoya

A cherimoya is said to be the most delicious fruit on earth – a silky combination of apple, strawberry, and mango, with just a hint of spice.  I came across one in a local supermarket last summer and, after paying a healthy fee due to its rarity, shared it with my co-workers.  After discussing the flavor and texture and what would go great with this fruit, one person asked why he had never heard of this fruit before and wondered if there were more things “out there” he was missing.  Well, yeah . . . there are scores of missed experiences for every person every day.
I have always been a music-oriented person. My life has a soundtrack – every experience, place, person . . . there’s a song (or five) that instantly springs to mind. My tastes have always been diverse and my favoirte sport is hunting for just the right track, the perfect blend of sound and soul – aural cherimoya.



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